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ROCKWOOL insulation is the right choice for creating sustainable buildings and earning valuable LEED® credits.

We’ve made it easier to calculate your acquired LEED® credits. Simply login or register, enter your company information, the ROCKWOOL product(s) you wish to use in your job and the location of your project site. The ROCKWOOL Calculator will automatically calculate your LEED® Credit qualifications and generate a customized LEED® Credit letter for submission.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED® is a consensus-based system for rating the design, construction, operation and certification of the world’s greenest buildings. Both the USGBC and the CaGBC administer the LEED® rating system in the pursuit of environmentally responsible and more sustainable buildings and development.

Please be advised that the ROCKWOOL LEED® Credits Calculator does not yet account for LEED® V4. For LEED® V4-specific questions, please contact one of our Technical Specialists at 1-877-823-9790 or email us at contactus@rockwool.com


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